TNA Impact Wrestling Preview 11/24/16

The Following is scheduled for 11/24 Impact Wrestling on Pop TV:

Thanksgiving episode

At the conclusion of the show it looked as if things between Jeff Hardy and James Storm of The DCC were far from over and this rivalry is just getting started .

Jeff Hardy to kickoff Impact:

What will Jeff Hardy have to say? How is his brother Matt dealing with his amnesia? Remember it was a hit from The DCC that sent Matt into this downward spiral and now Jeff will return to Impact Wrestling to address everything he has been dealing with over the past several weeks.

EC3 vs Eli Drake: If Eli wins, EC3 must give Eli his World Title shot. If EC3 wins, Eli Drake must remain silent for the rest of the year

Matt Hardy’s first annual Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social

Team X-Gold Elimination Match: DJZ, Mandrews & Braxton Sutter vs RockStar Spud & Decay vs Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Marshee Rocket

Turkey Suit Match: Grado vs Robbie E


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