ECW top 5 moments

5. The Rebirth of Tommy Dreamer

For the first few years of his career, Tommy Dreamer was nothing more than a cookie cutter type babyface. ECW fans really didn’t like Dreamer and felt he was soft. It wasn’t until his Singapore Cane match with the Sandman that Dreamer arrived as one of ECW’s biggest stars.

Dreamer lost the match and was forced to get 10 lashes from the Sandman’s Singapore cane. After getting the lashes, he kept asking Sandman to give him another…showing fans he was as tough as nails and could withstand a beating endearing him with the fickle Philly crowd.

4. The Debut of Brian “F’n” Pillman

Brian Pillman became a legend for his last days in WCW as he transformed from babyface to a loose cannon gimmick. After leaving WCW, he showed up unexpectedly on ECW TV to an unbelievable roar. He quickly turned the fans against him when he threatened to take out his junk and take a piss on the ECW fans. Absolutely brilliant!

3. Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler’s War Against ECW

A feud between Lawler and ECW developed when the King kept on referring ECW as Extremely Crappy Wrestling. That led ECW to show up on Monday Night Raw and also led to Lawler making appearances at the ECW arena with other names such as Jim Cornette and Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts.

2. The Raven/Tommy Dreamer Feud

An epic feud that lasted over 2 years with Raven getting the upper hand for most of it. Dreamer would finally get a pinfall victory over Raven at the end of the feud when Raven was ready to leave ECW.

1. ECW is Born!

Perhaps the single most important event in ECW’s history. Shane Douglas wins the NWA title in a tournament only to throw it on the ground and crown himself the first ever Extreme Championship Wrestling Champion. It was a moment that was only known by a very select few and completely caught the NWA off guard.


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