Becky Lynch Interviewed

Becky Lynch Says She’s Excited To Turn Heel Someday

WWE Smackdown Live Women’s champion Becky Lynch was a recent guest on the Steve Austin Podcast and spoke about her career.

Lynch’s thoughts on eventual turning heel:

“At the moment, I like working baby. I’m excited for when I turn heel eventually though, when it’s time. When I worked on the indies I never worked baby. Hated it. Always worked heel, so it’s weird for me that I came here and that was a baby.”

Connecting with fans:

“I think it’s that energy. I don’t think it’s anything tangible. I think it’s a passion or I feel like they’re very protective over me as well, which is another thing. I hear a lot of people feel a lot of negativity on their social media and everything like that. I can’t say, thankfully, that I have much of that. They’re protective and I think it’s just my energy. They know that I’m passionate about it because they know that I’ve worked hard for this. And I think it’s a genuineness. They can sense that or something. They can sense that it’s real because people pick up on that stuff.”


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