Cody Rhodes interview

Cody Rhodes Discusses The Failure Of Stardust & If WWE Even Planned A Match With Goldust

Cody Rhodes was recently interviewed by the Wrestling With Wreget podcast where he talked about why the Stardust character didn’t work, and if WWE planned a Stardust vs. Goldust match.

Here’s what he had to say:

Was WWE ever planning on a possible Stardust vs. Goldust match at Wrestlemania:

“Not in the slightest. So, it was never gonna happen, it was never slated to happen. I always get this question asked so much that I’m like ‘Man, I feel like people don’t believe me.’ It was never going to happen, however, I would have been open to it but it was never on the particular docket — to do Stardust vs. Goldust or do Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at a Wrestlemania. I’m not disappointed — here’s how this worked, people who met Dusty, he was the most charismatic, larger than life presence that literally in this room would be glowing. Then you meet Dustin, Goldust, he’s the nicest human being you’ve ever met and his ability to go to a more bizarre place. When people meet me, I’m more of the dick of the family if that makes any sense. I’m rather cold, I’m not like — all the camera men when they first met me were like ‘Dude, he didn’t even introduce himself.’ Yeah, so like we’re so different. I think Dustin particularly wanted that match a lot when he was off WWE television and then once he got on it I think it was something that didn’t appeal to him anymore. We had that bad match, and we had a lot of good matches that nobody ever saw in the live events, but it’s probably not the last time you’ll see us wrestle. He’s never gonna stop.”

Why the Stardust character didn’t work:

“I think the big issue was — wrestling is the one thing that always gives you a payoff. I prefer wrestling vs. the mixed martial arts of today, and people are allowed to love whatever, but pro wrestling you always get, at least one in the night, desired result. It makes you feel good. The problem was we were getting the ‘Cody’ chants, and the character of Stardust is having all this issue with them but I knew we weren’t going to pay it off. This can’t last forever and I wanted to capitalize when we could. Then when my dad passed away people went through that, he was their dad too, to some people if that makes any sense. That’s the last thing you want to do is see someone in the ring, and know that I was going through a rough time. In hindsight, not so much WWE’s fault, more my fault that I came back at all. I wasn’t really to come back, I knew that we were coming to SummerSlam and I really wanted to make the Stardust-Arrow stuff happen. But I wasn’t ready to come back, I wasn’t ready to come back as Cody Rhodes or Stardust. Then subsequently it turned out to be a good thing because it put me in the position today to say ‘Nope, I need something else, I need to find something else.’ We’ve traveled the whole country trying to look for it and that’s what we’re here doing today.”


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