Vince Russo speaks with WrestleZone

Wrestlzone: You’ve been part of many controversial story lines during the Attitude Era, and now you’re back in the “controversial” spotlight once again on social media. Can you explain what’s been going on that has lead many wrestling journalists to tell you to F-Off?

Vince Russo: Nothing new is going on that hasn’t been going on for the last 17 years. When certain dirt sheet writer’s need something to boast their depleting readership, they generate a sensational headline using the name of Vince Russo and his now 25 year legendary status in the wrestling business. The minute I call them on their BS and invite them to come on my show to discuss their unflattering dribble to my face, they retreat back under their rock, only to get back on their computers to continue the slander to the few, mindless sheep who will listen.

Wrestlezone: You’ve mentioned dirt-sheet writers on your show in the past, why do the two worlds collide so much: Creative (you) vs Journalism (Meltzer, Keller, Satin, etc) ?

Vince Russo: Real simple. I actually WAS an important part of the ACTUAL wrestling business—they’ve always wanted to be, but never have been. I’ve actually been there and done that—they never have. So you’re clearly dealing with a tremendous amount of professional jealousy.

Wrestlezone: Recently a highly-edited controversial video surfaced, created by a “fan” in order to make you look bad and to have some of your words taken out of context. Surprisingly, some of your closest friends took offense to what you had said in the video. Can you explain what transpired on this video and the backlash afterwards?

Vince Russo: I’m not going to put the video over. It was designed by someone who I don’t even know who has made it a career of harassing me, stalking me and slandering my name, all in an effort to paint me in a bad light. Unfortunately, some friends bought into the hoax and commented on it on social media—rather than to even attempt to contact me. They were worked, and played right into the felon’s hands. Rather than defend me, they took the opportunity to grab some attention for themselves. Needless to say . . . I no longer consider those people friends.

Wrestlezone: Yeah, that was definitely an unfortunate situation. So, let’s talk a little wrestling; What was your opinion on the finish between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. Were you pleased with the finish? If not, how would you have booked it?

Vince Russo: Honestly, I just don’t care enough about wrestling these days to give an opinion. I recently stopped covering the WWE because it’s just not my thing any more, and really hasn’t been in a very, long time. Time, to time, I’ll comment on my daily PodcastOne show, Vince Russo’s The Brand, when I think my listeners want me to talk about it, but those occasions are really becoming further and further apart. There’s more to life than wrestling, and those are the things I’m more into discussing these days.

Wrestlezone: So after spending all those years in professional wrestling as a Creative Writer, what does Vince Russo do now to keep his creative brain going?

Vince Russo: Really trying to concentrate on how God wants me to use the gifts that He gave me to spread His word. At this point in my life, that is what’s most important to me. Wrestling wise, I’m giving back to Rocky Mountain Pro, a group of young women and men from my home state, who have a dream and respect and accept my experience to try and assist them in reaching their goals.

Wrestlezone: What is your current role with Rocky Mountain Pro and what is the entire vision of the company?

Vince Russo: I am the writer and producer of the show. The vision: have fun.

Wrestlezone: You’ve written thousands of storylines in your wrestling career, any special one that stands out the most to you, whether it’d be WWE, WCW and TNA?

Vince Russo: Yes. The two shows I wrote called “Ring of Glory”. They were both Biblically based shows. The only two important wrestling shows I wrote my entire life. They literally changed lives.

Wrestlezone: What ended up happening to Ring of Glory? I remember benefits were offered to the performers, or at least, that was the plan.

Vince Russo: We weren’t offering benefits, we only had two shows . . . unfortunately. The vision feel short when we had to depend on churches for support, and they couldn’t see past their idea of what wrestling was.

Wrestlezone: I wanted to thank you for taking the time with to have this interview. Anything else you would like to add that hasn’t been addressed yet?

Vince Russo: The last two months have been extremely difficult for me on both a personal/professional level. But, through God’s grace I have become spiritually revived! I know I have my haters and detractors out there, but, their words and actions of hate won’t even put a dent in my Armour of God. Serve others and your life will change.



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