Christian interview

Christian was recently interviewed by LAW [Live Audio Wrestling] where he spoke on several subject including his retirement, concussions and more.

See some highlights below:

Retiring on his own terms:

> “The way that I look at it is if I was earlier in my career, I think I would have had a bigger problem with it but I have accomplished so much in my career. The only thing I didn’t do was headline WrestleMania. That was the only thing I would love to have done but didn’t get a chance to do. Other than that, I was 2 time world heavyweight champion, we have had how many great ladder matches, stole the show at WrestleMania, traveled the world – if I didn’t have those experiences and didn’t have the accomplishments that I already did, I think it would have been harder for me, you know what I mean? I definitely realized at the time that I was closer to the end of my career then I was to the start so I think that made it easier than if I had been 31 – 30 or 31 years old.”

Knowing if he had a concussion following his four-way match on Raw 2014.

> “I didn’t know because I had just come back not even long before that. I was aware when it happened that something was up which is why – you’re just trying to deal with it and trying to figure out is this something I can manage. As a performer, your mindset is to try to – how do I get to the next match or whatever it is, right? Yeah, you have to deal with it, roll with it, it is what it is. I’ve accepted it.”


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