He’s been here before.

John Cena has been nominated for the Celebs Gone Good List. The official list is determined by a combination of online votes and the organization’s advisory committee. Cena has made the list before, placing fifth in 2015. You can vote for him at DoSomething.org.

Cena’s major charitable contributions are for the Make-A-Wish program as mentioned on WWE TV. Over the years, Cena has set the all time record for the most wishes granted with over five hundred. As of March 2015, Cena is the only celebrity to make it to three hundred wishes. Hulk Hogan is also in the top five with over two hundred.
That’s one of the most staggering statistics I’ve ever read. Cena isn’t just on the top of the list but you would have to double almost anyone else on the list to even be in the same ballpark. You don’t have to be a fan of his in ring work or the way he’s presented on television but taking almost double the time for a specific charity than any celebrity in history is remarkable. Also, it says a lot that so many kids want to meet Cena in the first place. That alone speaks volumes.


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