Snuka returning to raw

There’s nothing wrong with an extra hand. Tamina Snuka will will be returning to the “Monday Night Raw” roster in the coming weeks. Snuka has been out of action since April of this year with a torn ACL. She wasn’t drafted to either brand during the WWE Draft due to her injury but seems to be coming to Monday nights.

Snuka has been in WWE since 2010 and has mainly served as a bodyguard or an enforcer. Over the years she has been associated with the Usos, Santino Marella, AJ Lee and Sasha Banks. It isn’t clear if she’ll be coming back to the main roster as a face or a heel but history would suggest the latter.
This is an interesting move as either women’s division could use the extra help but Snuka’s character is a bit similar to Nia Jax. She would seem to be a good foil for Becky Lynch but I’m not sure she has as much of a place on “Monday Night Raw”. Assuming Banks is allowed to feud with anyone other than Charlotte, I’m not sure how interesting a Banks vs. Snuka feud would be as their former association with Team B.A.D. would work.


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