Are Fans Still Booing Roman Reigns?

I think it’s about time we wrestling fans ask a simple question to those who need to explain themselves. Why are you still booing for Roman Reigns?

For the past few months I’ve been contemplating why Roman is still receiving so much hate from the wrestling world. Is it his character, the way he carries himself or is it just because it’s the cool thing to do? Let’s face it, for many of you who still boo him, there is no actual viable reason why. Yes, some may just not like him, but for those who don’t know the reason why, I think it’s about time you stop following the “cool thing to do” and just make your own decisions. I’ll admit that once the Shield broke up and Rollins, Dean and Roman went on their own to solidify a singles run, Roman had some moments where it was really unbearable to listen to him. But his in-ring work never faltered and throughout many of his matches the guy always delivered. But the main issue at hand was his promos, and even though his persona may have not matured until later on in his career it didn’t mean he was never meant to wrestle, all it meant was that creative needed to develop a script in which Roman was comfortable to portray.

Let’s face it, Wrestlers take a beating from fans if creative don’t know what they’re doing. They write a script, acting as if the person their writing it for is actually saying and thinking these things. But sometimes it’s difficult to write for someone else and make it seem like their own words. It’s even harder to do it when you have a micromanaging boss [Vince McMahon] breathing down your throat saying that this guy is from a bloodline that SHOULD be able to deliver lines such as “sufferin succotash.” Roman has over the years and months been on the receiving end of abuse from fans due to the decision made by Vince McMahon. Guess what though, Roman has gone out every night doing what he loves and performing in front of those fans which creative have turned against him.

Roman is a silent warrior and his latest few promo’s have been bang on. Whether talking to Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Stephanie McMahon, or hell even Rusev, it doesn’t matter; if Roman is made out to be the silent strong type it works for him. WWE has had moments when they believe that more words are better suited for someone, when on many occasions it’s not. Here’s an example, remember when Bray Wyatt was getting boring chants? I do, as I recall it was because Vince decided that he was so good on the mic that he needed to go out every show and deliver a promo every time. We all know Bray is gifted when he’s on the mic but by over-saturating the fans with the same thing over and over again, you don’t make it special. Bray is one of those instanced when less is more and it goes hand-in-hand with Roman Reigns. Reigns benefits from that same saying as his character doesn’t need to have long winded promo’s but just quick smart-ass comments and there you go. Now it’s true, that Reigns may not be as visually stimulating when on the mic. WHOA! Ease up there ladies, he’s a good looking guy but his facial expressions aren’t as prevalent as the Rock’s was. But nonetheless he doesn’t need to be, as he’s not the Rock and shouldn’t be treated as such VINCE!

Roman has come a long way in developing himself on the mic, but people still seem to have trouble bypassing that, and that’s why I’m a little surprised by this. When asking fans for a legitimate reason why they hate him, I get nothing. They can’t explain the hate they show towards Roman, which leaves me to believe that a lot of these boo’s and hatred received by the fans are because… it’s the cool thing to do. That’s right, many fans feel that when they’re surrounded by fans booing one talent, why not boo that talent themselves as they obviously hit a nerve with a lot more people and don’t want to be the odd one out. This is following a trend in which makes no logical sense, and the reason I say this is because people HAVE SAID THIS TO ME! During the latest Raw in Toronto, Ontario; Roman Reigns came out to an obviously negative reaction from the fans. When I asked a few fans around me the reason for their negativity towards Roman…… I got nothing. One fan said “because I don’t like him.” I asked why, and they couldn’t answer that. It’s action based on reaction. There’s no logical reason why this man should continue to get booed. One fan told me that “he doesn’t defend his title often enough and is always on my tv…..” Ok, because Roman Reigns tells WWE when and how often he FEELS like defending the US title. Listen, WWE is a company who controls everything their contractors (wrestlers) do, so if you’re upset over Reigns being on your TV too often, or not defending the US title often enough, which by the way is contradictive to your first problem of being on my TV too often, it’s not the talents fault, but WWE creative decisions for him and when to use him. It’s amazing how often fans don’t seem to understand that especially in a time when we know a lot more about the structure of wrestling events. It’s not like the 80’s and 90’s when we didn’t know that all talents were friends, and that many of the storylines were not planned out. This is a new time in Wrestling where fans should be smarter than this, but unfortunately I have yet to witness it.

Roman Reigns has been one talent which has matured to a point where I can say, this man has a gift. His in-ring work along with his attitude towards the way WWE have treated him has only helped him mature on the mic and express himself in a way to piss the audience off even further. Why, because he can and I guarantee that him along with myself and many logical fans who have an actual reason why they like and hate a talent find it funny to still see many others react based off of mass ovation.

So I ask you guys, that if you actually can’t think of a logical reason why you dislike Roman Reigns, exempting what WWE controls (amount of TV time, promos structure, theme, title defense, etc.) than please think for yourselves and see that as a talent he’s been a part of many top tier matches and is developing into his own. Doesn’t surprise me why many WWE talents speak highly of him. Not saying you’re not allowed to hate a talent, but without providing an actual reason why, you’re just following suit.


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