Ross Report

During the latest episode of the Ross Report Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke about TLC and discussed how the audience seemed light and speaks about the New Wyatt Family.

Here’s what he had to say:

> WWE has really done a really good job with their technology. I haven’t had any issues with the Network; it’s worked great. The TLC crowd felt kind of light. I’m not really sure where they were, maybe the product was not creatively stimulating to the audience, they seemed somewhat docile. They picked their spots, granted, but the audience was flat, so yes, you can say, damn JR the crowd wasn’t very good; it’s a reason, not all of the reason, but a reason. I like the combination of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. I hope that the work that has been put in with Heath Slater and Rhyno doesn’t go to knot. A lot of TV time, fans kind of like them, they’re a solid team, they’re reliable, good on the road. I think you want to maintain them somehow. Orton and Wyatt, as I have said before, Bray Wyatt is potentially the biggest character babyface in years. He’s what Mankind was as a babyface. He was what Dusty Rhodes was in Florida, that’s what a character babyface is. Junkyard Dog was a character babyface. He was unorthodox. He wasn’t the run of the mill. Wasn’t the type of cat you saw running in the neighborhood all the time. He was unique; and Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton together, along with Luke Harper, who is underutilized. All three have the ability, with just a little tweaking, to be massive character babyfaces, along the lines with kind of rough, rugged, kind of an Attitude-Era like; so I believe Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt have a lot going for them, and if they do the Freebird Rule (3 man team) will give him life; and somewhere down the road, everybody is already booking it, that’s what is funny about this business. I saw the show Sunday night, and then I was reading some stuff online on Twitter and so-forth, about feedback on the show, and someone is already predicting; well, it’s good to see Orton and Luke Harper and Bray, but I can’t wait for the angle when it implodes. Geez, how about letting it breath a little bit? Letting it evolve some. Can we give it a little bit of patience for God’s sake? In any event, I like the finish, the match was okay. I like the potential of Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and Luke Harper and to see where they go. I hope they get some legs in creative, and some input, and step up and give input. They should all step up and contribute to creative, and make it better, so I am optimistic where creative can go with all three of those guys.


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