One Last Time

The Boss vs The Queen in one more match for the Raw Women`s Championship.

This Past Monday on RAW, Newly Crowned Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, who currently ties Charlotte’s Record as a 3x Women’s Champion, gave out another challenge to the Woman she dethroned just a week ago in the fellow NXT Alumni Hometown, challenging her to a 30 Minute Iron Man Match at RAW`s Upcoming Pay Per View, WWE Roadblock (formerly a Network Exclusive event) with the RAW Women’s Championship on the line. Charlotte officially accepted the challenge as noted by the commentary team prior to her confrontation with a returning Ric Flair, whom she had slapped due to her animosity over her Father raising the hand of the victorious Sasha Banks a week prior.

While Sasha and Charlotte continue to excel the division by showcasing themselves further through stipulated matches, only Sasha has knowledge and experience of an Iron Man Match, having competed in one before with Bayley at NXT Takeover Respect a year ago in what was the main event of that Pay Per View, a match of which she had lost while trying to regain her NXT Women’s Championship from WWE’s resident hugger. While there’s no declaration over whether this closes the feud entirely, Charlotte and Sasha have one upped themselves one way or another various times, but the former champ now looks for momentum, gaining some via a brutal attack on Sasha this past Monday in what may be a slight preview of their match to come. However it can be noted the Professed Genetically Superior Competitors Crumbled Support from Ric Flair may come back to bite her, as the Hall of Famer may never seek to support his Daughter after two bouts of humiliation over the year. Out of Sympathy and Respect, the reigning Women’s Champion Sasha Banks will defend again in Ric’s Honor in the twos longest and possibly most hard hitting bout since their historic Hell in a Cell showdown.


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