Jeremy Borash interview

Jeremy Borash is the head of TNA creative. He joined the wrestling world in 1999 with WCW Live!, which was an online streaming audio program, eventually joining the writing team for Nitro and Thunder. Borash helped Jeff Jarrett launch TNA Wrestling in 2002, and has served as one of the driving forces behind the “Broken” Matt Hardy storyline that is building to Total Nonstop Deletion on Thursday, December 15 on Pop TV. You have literally done it all with TNA—interviews, ring announcing, media production, and commentary, just to name a few—but have you ever encountered anything, or anyone, like “Broken” Matt  or Jeff Hardy?

Borash: You hang around long enough and you’ll be exposed to all types of personalities. TNA has had hundreds of talents come through over its history and Matt and Jeff are in a virtual tie for most uniquely gifted performers I’ve ever worked with. Jeff has always been a rock star. His creativity frightens me, like a Jim Morrison, Evel Knievel, and Andy Warhol lovechild. Matt’s “Broken Brilliance” only manifested this year and he has been called the most captivatingly innovative performer to come along in years. The combination of the two, a drone, a gardener, and an incredibly gifted wife and future king have turned the Hardy`s into television’s modern day Addams Family.

Borash: Technology prevented figures like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Mozart the ability to have their lives documented for historical purposes. If we are to believe the “Broken Brilliance” of Matt Hardy, his soul is now housed in the vessel of this professional wrestler who is on a path to change the world as we know it. Who am I to doubt him? What if he is right? After being invited to his home to document the now infamous contract signing, my services were retained to capture the events at the Hardy Compound in North Carolina in the most compelling way possible. My right hand man, Jimmy Long, and I have spent a lot of time at the Hardy Compound, and I would describe it as anything but ideal shooting conditions. Snakes, spiders, insects everywhere… are we shooting Planet Earth here? Over the course of time, the family has been very helpful in the television production. Señor Benjamin sets up all the pyro, and Vanguard 1 just agreed to provide all of the aerial shots of the Hardy Compound for the upcoming Total Nonstop Deletion special this December 15th on Pop TV. It is a real team effort.

I also am the documentarian and live event host for celebrity chef Robert Irvine. We just returned from a USO tour of the Middle East and Africa and shot amazing footage. He’s taken his live show to military bases all over the world in what have become life-changing experiences to be a part of. We spent last Christmas in Afghanistan with the troops. Completely different worlds, but I get to work alongside some amazingly talented people. You once described Total Nonstop Deletion as the “Crockett Cup on crack.” What is at stake? Who is involved? Did talent under contracts to other promotions request permission to appear? And are there rules and regulations to this unconventional affair?

Borash: The brilliance of this match is its simplicity. Tag Team Apocalypto is an Open Invitation Falls Count Anywhere Match. Open to any tag team through space and time that want to show up. The Hardys are the TNA World Tag Team Champions. Matt received a message from the Seven Deities saying that, if they didn’t prove that they were the greatest tag team of all time, the Hardy Compound, which is the Sacred Land of Deletion, would be destroyed in a series of apocalyptic natural disasters.

Tag Team Apocalypto will be the most amazing match ever presented on television. Bold statement. Different than anything you’ve ever seen. Wrestling as we know it needs to evolve with the rest of entertainment, and this will be looked back at someday as a game changer. Early screeners have left people stunned. Books may be written on this match. With the secluded nature of our shooting, there will be a number of talents showing up you would never expect. Going to reserve comment regarding any specific contractual agreements at this time. Can you confirm that the Vanguard 1 drone is yours and you own a Federal Aviation Administration license to operate it? Was this something that always interested you?

Borash: Vanguard 1 lives in private quarters on the Hardy Compound. He’s quite noisy so a wing was built away from King Maxel’s crib.  And yes, I am registered and licensed with the FAA. It is quite a process with good reason. It also can be very expensive. Capturing an amazing overhead shot on a drone is one of the most exhilarating experiences anyone behind the lens could have. TNA Impact Wrestling has faced its share of high and low points in 2016. Why should wrestling fans continue to watch the product? The terms “must see” and “once in a lifetime” are fairly common hyperbole in pro wrestling, but what makes Total Nonstop Deletion so unique and special?

Borash: Bypass the hyperbole? Did I mention Tag Team Apocalypto will be the most amazing match ever presented on television? The buzz surrounding the “Final Deletion” landed Matt Hardy on every wrestler of the year award list. Promoting a show on his own compound and injecting guys like Lashley and Eddie Edwards into that unique world, not to mention any number of unexpected guests, Matt Hardy had a premonition that Total Nonstop Deletion will be his Citizen Kane.


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