The American Nightmare

New Japan Pro Wrestling ran their World Tag League 2016 event at the Sekisui Haim Super Arena in Miyagi, Japan on December 10. However, the bigger news coming out of this event was the reveal of a new member to the Bullet Club. Cody Rhodes, who as you know left WWE and has been making noise on the independent circuit of late, will be joining the group.

Kenny Omega and the rest of the Bullet Club came to the ring and made the introduction with a video package. That video is shown below and was aired to hype his arrival. At one point in the video he puts a cigar out on something that appears to have “WK11” on it, so one could assume that Rhodes will be appearing at WrestleKingdom 11 in January. Omega called it the beginning of “Phase 2” of the Bullet Club’s global takeover.

In the video package, he plays into all of his past characters in WWE by making references to Dashing Cody Rhodes and Stardust (the star who left everyone in the dust). Very slick and well produced video.


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